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Buildings and Infrastructure

Our products in action

Take a look at these examples of where our products have been used.

CCTV building
Beijing, China

Designed by: Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren.
Products: Intergard 251, Intergard 475HS, Interfine 878.
Gardens by the Bay

Designed by: WilkinsonEyre Architects.
Products: Interzinc 52, Intergard 475, Interthane 990.
Brooklyn Bridge
New York

Designed by: Bolliger & Mabillard
Products: Interfine 1080, Interzone 954, Interplus 356, Interthane 990.
The Kelpies

Designed by: Andy Scott.
Product: Interfine 979.
Photograph by: The Helix.

Villa Bardini

Designed by: Gherardo Silvani (originally), restoration by Mario Lolli Ghetti, Piero Castelfranco, Maria Chiara Pozzana.
Product: Sikkens Decorative Paints.

Keutschach, Austria

Designed by: Markus Klaura, Dietmar Kaden in cooperation with Rubner Holzbau.
Product: Wood Finishes and Adhesives.

1 Bligh St.

Designed by: Ingenhoven Architects and Architectus
Products: Interzinc, Intergard, Interthane.

Gateway Towers
Abu Dhabi

Designed by: Arquitectonica and Khatib and Alami
Product: Interpon D2525

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