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Process Technology

Modeling Pilot scale testing

Process Technology is the study and application of scientific principles related to chemical transformations and separations of products, and their translation from laboratory scale to commercial production-scale processes.

In AkzoNobel a Strategic Research Group (SRG) Process Technology (PT) has been established within the Specialty Chemicals Business Area. With clear understanding of business strategy, the SRG Process Technology performs longer range, strategic and underpinning research for the Specialty Chemicals and the Paints and Coatings Business Areas. This research is conducted in business-led innovation programs and develops new, truly differentiating technology platforms that drive the profitable organic growth of our company’s businesses. The SRG Process Technology serves our organization worldwide.

The focus of the SRG Process Technology is on:

  • Researching, developing and scaling viable process routes
  • Researching, developing and optimizing a wide variation of unit operations, such as reaction, mixing, dispersion, separation, purification, waste water treatment
  • Maintaining and using key enabling technologies such as fluid dynamics, chemistry, catalysis, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, particles technology, colloidal systems
  • Using and developing methods for modeling and controlling the process to support the development

Guided by the principles of sustainable development, the SRG Process Technology addresses diverse factors including, safety of production, the environmental impact of processes of production, the security and handling of raw materials and intermediates, the capacity and capabilities to produce, costs of production, the integration of unit operations, and the development and adoption of new technologies.

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